The tree of life

A board game for 2–6 players

This is a board game for 2-6 players, who start as 'Last Universal Common Ancestors' and move on a branching evolutionary tree to modern times. On their journey they encounter several 'special evolutionary events' representing major developments in the evolution of modern organisms.

Educational objectives
The game reinforces learning about the principal features of different taxonomic groups and the evolutionary relationships between them.

Pre-knowledge and skills required by students
A knowledge of the major taxonomic groups is desirable.

Time taken in lesson
30 minutes (with six players)

Preparation time
5 minutes

Specialist equipment and materials required
Players each need a 'counter' or 'pawn' to mark their positions on the board. 3-4 six-sided dice would be useful, although it is possible to play the game using just one die.

Context where originally used
Used with 16-19 year-old students in Poland.

Additional information
A version of this game may soon be available to buy from the SFN.

Grzegorz Papaj

Author address
Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering
International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
ul. Księcia Trojdena 4
02-109 Warszawa

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Copyright © Grzegorz Papaj, 2008


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The tree of life
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The tree of life
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