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Animations and models

Several sorts of animations and models will be available form the Volvox project. They include cut-out paper models, a sophisticated virtual microscope, small animations and some interactive learning tools for exploring the biochemistry of cellular functions.


Cell World

Cell World

Explore the inner workings of the cell

Cell World is a collection of ten interactive animations for use in biology teaching, produced by Tago Sarapuu and his colleagues at the University of Tartu. The animations are available for use on-line in seven languages. Read more...

Cell World

Modelling the helix

A cut-out 3-D model of DNA

This cut-out model is based on one which originally appeared in the United States in the late 1950s, five years after Watson and Crick had proposed their model of the double helix. It has been re-drawn and corrected by Dean Madden. Read more...

Cell World

The genetic code computer

Translating mRNA codons into amino acids

Fernand Schroeder devised this cut-out 'genetic code computer' to show the mRNA codons that encode each amino acid. Read more...

Cell World

The virtual microscope


This a sophisticated interactive animated microscope will soon be available to use on-line in English. Read more...