Vital Travel Backpack Features

Vital Travel Backpack Features

There is something magical about backpacking. Getting lost in the woods, breaking out of the comfort zone, and having amazing travel experiences are just some of the many benefits of backpacking. If you are planning on a backpacking trip soon, then you need to get your gear right, including a travel backpack.


Ideally, you want to choose the most lightweight backpack that you can find. Also, it should be comfortable to save you from fatigue. The material the backpack is made of can affect the overall weight. You should note that lightweight fabrics come at a price.

Capacity and Size

Usually, backpack sizes are available in liters of volume that they can hold. 15-30 liters are for daypacks, while 30-40 liters are sufficient for weekend trips. If you want to carry additional gear or clothing, then you should get 50-60 liters.

Front Loading

Backpacking backpacks are mostly top-loading. Therefore, you need to dig them from top to get your stuff. Ideally, if you want a backpack that is travel-friendly, it should have a front-loading mechanism. In such a case, the compartments open like a suitcase, and you can easily locate your gear.

Strap Types

backpackIt is advisable to go for a padded waist strap that distributes the weight of the backpack on the core rather than only shoulders. That helps to avoid having back pain and sore shoulders, especially when you carry for extended periods. You can also find travel backpacks with padded grab-handles or duffel-bag strap.

Gear Pockets

The number of pockets the travel backpack should have depends on a lot of things. Some of the things you will put in the pockets include keys, sunglasses, passport, and water bottles. Ensure the backpack you choose has a laptop pocket and another for a filtered water bottle.


It is advisable to choose a backpack with large zippers. Also, they should be lockable and designed to be secured with a luggage lock.

Proper Fit

Although you may have the best backpack, if it does not fit right, it is not helpful. Remember that your torso length is quite important, just like your height. Therefore, ensure you get a backpack that fits well.

Weather Resistance

The material the backpack is made of determines its weather resistance capability. For instance, you can find some backpacks with special rain-cover, and others have rain-resistance built-in. Thus, you can be assured your gear will not get wet.…